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Providence Productions adheres to ethical, socially-responsible business practices and an uncommon dedication to making a difference in the film industry. Among our attributes are:

  • Positive projects, relationships with investors, talent and personnel
  • Efficient, cost-effective professional production services
  • Quality entertainment with marketable elements
  • Supporting service organizations by producing meaningful movies
  • Providing consultant services to investors, producers, writers and directors
  • Integrity, honesty and a strong belief in the human spirit


  • Instrumental in acquiring, developing, financing, producing or distributing more than 20 featured films.
  • Stephen Polk has more than 20 years years of professional training, research, mentoring and experience in the studio and independent film production.
  • Thorough understanding of a studio's green lighting criteria.
  • The internal green light system allows us to evaluate the strength of a picture before production.
  • Providence navigates distribution challenges while extracting the greatest earnings for each picture.
  • Prepares projects and market strategies for DVD distribution, TV and foreign sales, Theatrical when applicable. We prepare with the finished product in mind and consider the wide array of highly profitable ancillary markets.
  • Providence micro-manages the entire filmmaking process and only profits when filmmakers and investors are enjoying profits.
  • Providence maintains relationships and negotiates solid distribution deals with distributors and buyers.
  • Sustains a checks and balance philosophy - remembering that audiences are the artist's satisfaction and the picture's income, and that investors are entitled to fiscal accountability and deserve to participate in the film's success.



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