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Consultation & script evaluation

Providence offers analysis and constructive assistance in feature film development, finance, production and distribution. Our experienced, expert guidance helps clients avoid unecessary entertainment industry pitfalls. It literally pays in time and money to follow the professional guidance from Providence.

A script is crafted to fit the qualifications of either an independent or studio venue. It is then evaluated for its appropriate market and it is determined how much of the script should be packed or produced.

Basic Package Review

Maximum 135 page script/30 page business plan. An evaluation includes:

  •  More than a standard readers report on the general script condition. When on premise - evaluation of characters and conflict definition
  • Specific "In the margin" notes
  • One hour conference call or meeting to discuss how to construct and structure in order to achieve the best chance of attaining representation, financing, production or a studio deal
  • Possibly direct referrals and recommendations to agents, producers or financiers are provided when appropriate

A basic script review can be conducted by phone or through e-mail.

Advanced coverage/report and phone consultation

Our advanced coverage report includes an in person and phone consultation of two hours minimum.

Advanced coverage/report includes:

  • Detailed, written report with recommendations to improve script's commercial appeal
  • Specific solutions and key concepts are offered and designed to make the project a "winner".
  • Advice on how to deepen key characters, identify turning points, sharpening act-to-act transitions and intensify denouement - all while building in more pay-points
  • Direct referrals and recommendations to agents, producers or possible financiers


Providence will direct revisions with our writers and provide a rewrite plan in which every character, structure and story revision is articulated with a specific goal in mind. The work is broken down into stages and reviewed frequently up to deadline.


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