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Providence offers a limited number of non paid and part time paid internships to students and people interested in motion pictures, development, communications, production, theater, marketing or related fields. After an initial evaluation and trial period, we also offer a limited number of part time positions in our corporate operations and opportunities to earn a salary in many facets of film production and distribution.

Our intern program stresses self-motivated, "hands on" participation within an independent studio production environment, on location, in post and even online. Projects and credits are designed to add value to company operations while putting your skills and competencies in action. Our interns are offered guidance and encouragement designed to help assess their potential long term career potential and help determine if the entertainment industry is the right career choice.

Our internships offer flexibility, independence, involvement, exposure and mostly - quality experience and creative fun.

HOW TO APPLY - Send us an inquiry with your specific qualifications including schedule proposal, personal vision or professional goals. We will request a resume if there is appropriate opportunities available. Contact Us...







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