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To dramatize a controversial civil and survival trends of our time with a drama exploring love, loss, and gratitude from both“sides,” HOLIDAY DANCE excites new conversations and entertains with its fresh take on what it means to be -- free and responsible and grateful -- in an increasingly challenging world.


INVESTMENT: Minimum _k             Maximum ________

See Dyslexic Truths

BUDGET     See Dyslexic Truths

Investor Returns

Although it cannot guarantee HOLIDAY DANCE  will be profitable, the producers are fully committed to the most beneficial marketing and distribution deal possible for investors. The Company is confident that distributors and audiences will enjoy HOLIDAY DANCE and that the financial rewards will follow.

HOLIDAY DANCE LLC proposes to investors the following:

Investors—Initial investment plus 10 percentage of return and will be paid pro rata to investors proportionate to their individual investments. Payments will be disbursed pari passu to all investors simultaneously.

Deferments—From net profits, the producers will pay outstanding expenses contained in the production budget but not paid during production, such as deferred pay of talent or crew salaries. 

Net Profit—Any additional net profits will be split evenly between the producers and investors.  Any additional profit participation (i.e. actors, directors, composers) will be paid from the producer’s share of the net profit.


When a high octane executive returns to her hometown to plan her marriage to a successful business man, she meets and falls in love with a man more like her father - a patriot committed to the Armed Services and the War. The value based edgy drama takes on the most provocative and important issue of our time – the “issues of loss and Wartime ” and the  personal baggage holding us back.

Can any of us, as humans find the will and faith to sustain our extraordinary responsibilities to one's self and country? HOLIDAY DANCE asks and answers.

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This is not an offering. Offer by prospectus only.

This document contains financial projections based on numerous assumptions; including those set forth herein, which it believes are reasonable. There can be no assurance that the assumptions supporting the projections are accurate.

Investment in the motion picture industry is highly speculative and inherently risky. The commercial success of Providence films and HOLIDAY DANCE LLC also depends upon the quality and acceptance of competing films with a presence in the marketplace at the same time HOLIDAY DANCE  is released—which also cannot be predicted. Furthermore, commercial success depends upon domestic and international economic conditions as well as other tangible and intangible factors—all of which cannot be predicted. 

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