Skywater, LP

Skywater is Providence Production's film division with partners and projects set at locations with the best tax incentives, amortization, or sponsorships. Co-productions and going on location provide clients and investors with strong opportunities for the returns, adventurous projects, and diverse content.

By saving and making clients far more than it charges for its services, Providence Production provides much need independent film investment consultation, productions services and behind the scene guidance to the creation and business of movies.

When engaged, Providence also prevents countless mistakes made by investors and filmmakers entering into contracts and ventures, production and distribution. As one of the few independent production companies that has demonstrated enduring success in a business riddled with challenges, Providence also provides prudent financial management and production services for outside projects. Drawing on the most qualified Hollywood resources - entertainment executives and attorneys, top producers and distributors, the guidence of Providence has saved good intentions and millions of dollars.

On location ventures provide excitment, culture and production value to films.

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