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Following an intervention by his family, “The Big Brother ” addresses the most contentious issues of our Drug and technology Addicted culture with compassion, comedy, and good faith.   


To entertain and inspire with a family drama- comedy in which a disillusioned teen anger and his sister struggle with "Education" and the "Addiction culture" The film examines the path towards reconciliation and reaffirms the trappings of the obsession with liberty at the cost of responsibility to family and community on a tropical island.



A high school student hating and failing out of school confronts his family during his invention, forcing them t commit themselves to a recovery program on a remote island in the Tropics.

“The Big Brother ” is a family faith friendly comedy that examines the agenda and costs of the denial an distress of Dyslexia, addiction, radical political correctness. . Also, a tender love story that mines the mysterious depths of a warrior’s heart  


Jeremy London, Sienna Goines, Ann Bedian


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