Film Title

In a Dark Place - 2004

Suspense/Psychological Thriller


Available foreign
Acquired by Silverline
Domestic rights available



While a Holiday party winds down, a suicidal, wounded, devil of a man with terror on his mind takes the guest hostage. Acting as judge, jury, and executioner, he foreces them to confess their sins and confront the realities they have tried to hide from each other their whole lives. The must rely on their strength and a faith shaken husband to save his family to determine who remains standing in the end...


Rob Steinberg
David Wilke
Sam Sorbel
Deluane Michel
Harry Sefton
Stephen Polk
Sam Jenkins
Vincent Dale
Kris Iyer
Cheyanne Kane
Jacob Nuzum


Written & Directed by
Jay Nuzum

Produced by
Stephen Polk

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